Important Notice to Students About Graduation

From the Office of the Chancellor

We want to remind you of the graduation fees/thesis. You will need to pay for these fees and submit your completed thesis in order to graduate. It is important that you do so before or on the 30th of April, three months prior to Convocation ceremony.

For information about these fees, please visit

For guideline about thesis and submission, please visit

GRADUATION FEES - All academic awardees
Documentation: 13,000NGN(60USD)
Graduation: 26,000NGN(120USD)
Academic Gown: 5,000NGN(25USD)
Project Review: 5,000NGN(25USD)

TOTAL: 49,000NGN

GRADUATION FEES - All honorary awardees
Programme: 68,000NGN(340USD)
Documentation: 13,000NGN(60USD)
Graduation: 26,000NGN(120USD)
Academic Gown: 5,000NGN(25USD)

TOTAL: 112,000NGN

ORDINATION AND LICENSING FEES - Contact the University Office


After you have paid you will be able to have access to other information and a few things you will need to complete in preparation for your graduation.

Also, each graduating student is required to present one of the following to the college:
i. Laptop
ii. Generator
iii. Rechargeable Fan
iv. School Bus
v. Television
vi. Photocopier
vii. DVD Player
viii. 1 Acre of Land
ix. Cash Donations
x. Office Chairs
xi. Projector
xii. Internet Facility
xiii. UPS
xiv. Stab
xv. Printer
xvi. etc

Again, do all that is required. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us

I look forward to seeing you on graduation day.

Dr Emmanuel Kolawole, PhD