Graduation is an important academic tradition. Biblical University takes this opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge your achievements publicly. Guests, especially relatives and friends, are warmly invited to share this celebration with you.

Academic Transcripts
An Academic Transcript is an official record of your academic history at BU. It details all unit attempts and your grade for each unit. If you were enrolled in more than one course, it lists all courses and all units studied at BU.

All students receive a transcript for a charge when they complete their course. Your transcript confirms your progress (if requesting transcript prior to course completion) or your final qualification (when complete). You can use it to:
*Apply for jobs
*Support applications for scholarships or further study
*Register with government or private bodies

Academic Transcripts include the following information:
Student name and ID number
Date of issue
Course and unit titles
Year of study and teaching period
Credit points
Marks and grades
Exemptions or credits
Grade point averages (GPA)

Academic Gown & FAQ
Gown and collection.
All graduands must wear full academic gown for their ceremony. Gowns should be collected on the day of ceremony.

What should I wear?
Graduands are expected to dress smartly. Those dressed inappropriately may not be admitted to the ceremony.

What should my guests wear?
Graduation ceremonies are formal events and guests normally dress in a manner appropriate to a formal occasion such as a wedding.

Do I have to wear academic gown?
Yes. You will not be allowed to join the ceremony unless wearing full academic gown.

What does my gown and hood look like?
The colour of your gown and hood will depend upon the degree you have been awarded. Generally Royal Blue, Blue Black and touch of Gold but the style may be different.

What if my circumstances change but I have already paid for my gown?
Students who will not be present at the ceremony to wear their gowns should inform the General Secretary (Pastor Mrs Esther Effiong +2348168748761) at least seven days before the date of the ceremony to obtain a full refund.