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Are you interested? Biblical University Patrons | Join this important group of visionaries

Are you interested?
Biblical University Patrons | Join this important group of visionaries

Our Patrons represent a small number of philanthropists that have made a significant commitment to Biblical University. Biblical University Patrons are our philanthropic leaders. Together, and individually, their support has a direct and ongoing effect on the University life. Our Patrons ensure that philanthropy continues to be a strong feature of Biblical University. Their mission is to lead by example and to encourage new generations of philanthropists to join this important group of visionaries. Are you interested? Submit a letter of intent for Biblical University Patron.

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Are you interested? Biblical University Patrons | Join this important group of visionaries

Are you interested?
Biblical University Patrons | Join this important group of visionaries

Our Patrons represent a small number of philanthropists that have made a significant commitment to Biblical University. Biblical University Patrons are our philanthropic leaders. Together, and individually, their support has a direct and ongoing effect on the University life. Our Patrons ensure that philanthropy continues to be a strong feature of Biblical University. Their mission is to lead by example and to encourage new generations of philanthropists to join this important group of visionaries. Are you interested? Submit a letter of intent for Biblical University Patron.

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Get answers that you are looking for!

Get the answers that you are looking for! - #BiblicalUniversityHome

First time to college students, students coming from other colleges, and international students

Get the answers that you are looking for!

Get the answers that you are looking for! - #BiblicalUniversityHome

First time to college students, students coming from other colleges, and international students

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Thoughts on Purpose

1 Peter 2:9 New International Version (NIV)

9 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

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Thoughts on purpose

Rebellious acts against the authority or leadership set over you is tearing down your own heritage. It is very important to allow order to prevail in your mentality.

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ACET International
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Before You Post on Social Media …

Before You Post on Social Media …

What we say on the Internet says a lot about us. Do our social media messages reflect things God likes—or things He hates?

The Internet has carried the torch for instant gratification. With one click of a button, we can buy the latest video game, download the hottest album or purchase a stylish new pair of shoes.
We can have whatever we like!
And, even faster than buying a product online, we can also share our personal opinions in an instant. Social media users share images and articles that reveal opinions about politics, marriage, dating, raising children and many other facets of life. Social media can be a good way to have a laugh, encourage others or discuss current issues. However, many times posts can be distasteful and mean-spirited.
As Christians, we should be careful and thoughtful in posting and liking articles and memes. It says something about you!
Psychologist Michal Kosinski’s research has shown that your “likes” on Facebook can tell what kind of person you are. Kosinski argues that “likes” give Facebook a picture of who you really are.
Commenting about the study, Sam Gosling, a psychologist at the University of Texas at Austin, says, “You ‘Like’ something. You leave a comment on somebody’s wall. They are now recorded in a way that machines can calibrate and measure them with great accuracy. Together, they add up to substantially more information from which you can make quite reasonably accurate predictions.”
Facebook spokesman Fred Wolens agrees. “No matter the vehicle for information—a bumper sticker, yard sign, logos on clothing, or other data found online—it has already been proven that it is possible for social scientists to draw conclusions about personal attributes based on these characteristics.”

What does God like?

When deciding what kind of article or meme to like or share, what better question for a Christian to ask than “What does God like?” In the Bible, you won’t find any dos and don’ts for using social media. However, there are some principles we can use to make wise choices when sharing or liking stories.
Let’s take a look at what God is in favor of.

God “likes” righteousness (right ways)

If God were a Facebook user, would He approve of the article you just posted? Would He and Jesus Christ “like” the same meme you just liked?
King David gave us a look into what God likes: “For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield” (Psalm 5:12). Jesus Christ also pointed out the importance of righteousness to God (Matthew 5:625:46).
Have you ever stopped and considered what righteousness means? It sounds like a fancy theological word. But, if God blesses the righteous, wouldn’t we want to strive for that blessing?
The Bible tells us what righteousness is: “My tongue shall speak of Your word, for all Your commandments are righteousness” (Psalm 119:172). Since God’s commandments are righteousness, it is obvious that Christians should follow and support His instructions. Furthermore, if we, like Abraham, faithfully do as God commands, our actions will also be accounted for righteousness (James 2:21-23).
Clearly, it is not only about thinking what is right—it’s also about doing what is right. In other words, righteousness is the application of right ways.
Putting this into the context of our activity on social media, what we like and share as Christians should coincide with these right ways defined by God. Please read the article “Armor of God: Breastplate of Righteousness” for a more detailed study of righteousness.

What God does not like

Hate is a strong word. Some people would even be surprised that a loving God could hate anything, but the Bible tells us He does. The Hebrew word translated hate is sane, and it implies having an enemy.
God loves for us to be striving for righteousness in our lives. God loves to see human beings who show respect and love for one another.Below are behaviors that God opposes. Obviously God hates all sin and evil. But here are some scriptures that give us a clearer picture of some of the things that need to be removed from our conduct so God can “like” us.


Pride has been around for a long time in the history of mankind. Cain’s jealousy of Abel’s offering was a major factor in the first murder. From then on, pride came in many shapes and forms—and it still exists!
As Christians, we must be active in stomping out pride in our lives—including our social media. Almost unknowingly, people can get involved in heated debates because of a post, a meme or an article. Have you ever been in this situation? Remember that angry feeling you had while typing frantically, hitting the “Enter” key and sending off your point of view? What was that “puffed up” feeling you felt?
Jesus Christ got to the heart of the matter: “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile a man” (Mark 7:21-23, emphasis added).
Quite possibly, what you may have felt was pride. Posting or liking anything on social media that degrades another human being or makes you feel more intelligent than others is prideful. Don’t be fooled. Pride is not a good quality. As Christians, we should steer clear of these destructive attitudes.

A perverse mouth

Scrolling through Facebook or other types of social media can be like navigating through a minefield. For many, cursing is just a means of communicating, and it’s hard not to notice. Those of us striving to live God’s way of life must clean up the words that we say or write.
The wise King Solomon wrote, “The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverse mouth I hate” (Proverbs 8:13). Though we may know we personally should not curse and use profanity, we may think that does not apply to what we like and share on social media. Is this true?
James, Jesus’ half-brother, wrote about the human tongue, saying, “It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so” (James 3:8-10).
As an extension of our tongue, what we type should reflect our words in face-to-face godly conversations. We should think twice before sharing and liking something that reflects perversity or profanity of any kind.


God commands us not to lie (Exodus 20:16). He even goes so far as to say He hates lying (Proverbs 6:16-17Zechariah 8:17). Again, this is an easily understood commandment. However, all too often a web article or meme is shared in which the information is twisted or blatantly false. For whatever reason, authors of these kinds of posts attract the attention of thousands of uninformed social media users. The result is a lie being spread around the Internet like wildfire.
To protect ourselves from being part of lies and false reports, consider what King Solomon wrote: “He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him” (Proverbs 18:13). It can be really embarrassing to share an article that turns out to be hoax or a lie. Inspired by God, Solomon tells us to use wisdom and discernment before jumping to conclusions.
Such articles are usually hearsay and gossip. Throughout the Scriptures, there are warnings about partaking in this kind of activity (Proverbs 16:28Matthew 12:36Ephesians 5:4). Unfortunately, social media gives abundant opportunities for such things.
God does want us to share good stories and enjoy friendships directly and via social media. There are ways to have a better experience online by following godly principles and avoiding the common pitfalls mentioned above. The key is to put God first—even when it comes to social media.

What God loves …

God doesn’t just “like”—He loves. And His love is so much more than we can imagine (John 3:16). God wants us to follow His instructions in every aspect of our lives. God wrote the laws that guide us to happiness (Proverbs 29:18).
God loves for us to be striving for righteousness in our lives (Psalm 11:7). God loves to see human beings who show respect and love for one another (John 13:351 John 4:20-21James 2:8). What better way to show that we love Him than by doing what He instructs us to do (John 14:1515:10)?
A well-known meme (pictured at the beginning of this article) has made its way around social media, and its message is important for Christians to remember:
THINK before you post! Is it:
  • True?
  • Helpful?
  • Inspiring?
  • Necessary?
  • Kind?
We want people to like us. We especially want God to like us. And, if we want God to love us, we should be doing what He “likes.”

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Thank you and happy reading!

Team BU

You were made on PURPOSE. For PURPOSE.

You were made on PURPOSE. For PURPOSE. We love you.

Accelerate your degree - Bachelor's & Master's degree at the same time

Bachelor's & Master's Degree at the same time.

Designed for highly motivated adult students.

Our Joint Programme provides an accelerated pathway to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree at Biblical University.

Programme benefits
*Earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree for less time—you double count courses toward both degrees.

*One time enrollment, with no gap in time between undergraduate and graduate coursework.

How it works
*In the Joint Programme, you earn a Bachelor degree, plus Master degree in any field we currently offer.

*Once admitted, students must earn a B or higher to continue in the programme

•Be an admitted degree candidate to the joint programme

•Have at least five years of ministry work experience

If you already possess a bachelor's degree, you are ineligible for the joint programme.

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Meet our ordination class of 2019 Past. Godwin Bukata David

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Meet our ordination class of 2019

Meet our ordination class of 2019 Past. Mrs. Motomboni Charity

Ministers' Ordination & Licensing in Ordained Minister's License Study Programme (OMLSP)

Meet our ordination class of 2019

Meet our ordination class of 2019 Rev. Yusuf Damina Dadi Dass

Ministers' Ordination & Licensing in Ordained Minister's License Study Programme (OMLSP)

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Thank you to those who supported him through college. Without you this would not be possible. Ewang is deeply grateful!

We celebrate you and God's grace in your life. We love you - Ewang Kwene Divine, BA., Christian Counseling, class of 2019, Biblical University, Lagos, Nigeria,

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Thoughts on Purpose

"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold the wonderful things out of thy law" Psalm 119:18. God has so much He wants to show us, but we must be willing to look into His word with open eyes, and come to know not only of Him but also to understand His plan for us.

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This unique role represents leadership, and students, and an elite community of Ambassadors from academic department. You will gain many benefits to being an ambassador, including: Improved public speaking and interpersonal communication skills.

Increased knowledge about BU, both College-related and in general (admissions process, scholarships, & organizations, etc.)

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Opportunity for research, internships, international travel, organizations, and student leadership positions


Song: My tomorrow must be greater than today

Sing with us and be encouraged! ๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽน๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŽท๐ŸŽบ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽป๐ŸŽ™๐ŸŽต

No matter what I see. No matter what I face. No matter what comes my way. No matter how I cry. One thing I know that is definite in my heart, my tomorrow must be greater than today.

Student ID CARD - New ID CARD

How do I get a new student ID card?

Once you have fully enrolled into your study, you can contact the University Office to order an ID card FREE.

Submit your image and you can collect your student ID card any time from receiving approval that your image has been approved.

Contact us if you have any questions about ID cards.

Use of student ID cards are covered by the Biblical University's terms and conditions.

For more information:

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We are the love people. Let's love. Let Love lead. Let Church unite. We love you.

The Chancellor
Dr Emmanuel Kolawole, PhD

Do you know Jesus? If not, let us tell you about Him

You’re not here by accident. God loves you. He wants you to have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus, His Son. There is just one thing that separates you from God. That one thing is sin.

The Bible describes sin in many ways. Most simply, sin is our failure to measure up to God’s holiness and His righteous standards. We sin by things we do, choices we make, attitudes we show, and thoughts we entertain. We also sin when we fail to do right things. The Bible affirms our own experience – “there is none righteous, not even one.” No matter how good we try to be, none of us does right things all the time.

People tend to divide themselves into groups – good people and bad people. But God says that every person who has ever lived is a sinner, and that any sin separates us from God. No matter how we might classify ourselves, this includes you and me. We are all sinners.

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

You’re not here by accident. God loves you. He wants you to have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus, His Son.

Many people are confused about the way to God. Some think they will be punished or rewarded according to how good they are. Some think they should make things right in their lives before they try to come to God. Others find it hard to understand how Jesus could love them when other people don’t seem to. But I have great news for you! God DOES love you! More than you can ever imagine! And there’s nothing you can do to make Him stop! Yes, our sins demand punishment – the punishment of death and separation from God. But, because of His great love, God sent His only Son Jesus to die for our sins.

“God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

For you to come to God you have to get rid of your sin problem. But, in our own strength, not one of us can do this! You can’t make yourself right with God by being a better person. Only God can rescue us from our sins. He is willing to do this not because of anything you can offer Him, but JUST BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU!

“He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy.” Titus 3:5

It’s God’s grace that allows you to come to Him – not your efforts to “clean up your life” or work your way to Heaven. You can’t earn it. It’s a free gift.

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9

For you to come to God, the penalty for your sin must be paid. God’s gift to you is His son, Jesus, who paid the debt for you when He died on the Cross.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23

Jesus paid the price for your sin and mine by giving His life on a cross at a place called Calvary, just outside of the city walls of Jerusalem in ancient Israel. God brought Jesus back from the dead. He provided the way for you to have a personal relationship with Him through Jesus. When we realize how deeply our sin grieves the heart of God and how desperately we need a Savior, we are ready to receive God’s offer of salvation. To admit we are sinners means turning away from our sin and selfishness and turning to follow Jesus. The Bible word for this is “repentance” – to change our thinking about how grievous sin is, so our thinking is in line with God’s.

All that’s left for you to do is to accept the gift that Jesus is holding out for you right now.

“If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.” Romans 10:9-10

God says that if you believe in His son, Jesus, you can live forever with Him in glory.

“For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Are you ready to accept the gift of eternal life that Jesus is offering you right now? Let’s review what this commitment involves:

I acknowledge I am a sinner in need of a Savior – this is to repent or turn away from sin

I believe in my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead – this is to trust that Jesus paid the full penalty for my sins

I confess Jesus as my Lord and my God – this is to surrender control of my life to Jesus

I receive Jesus as my Savior forever – this is to accept that God has done for me and in me what He promised

If it is your sincere desire to receive Jesus into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior, then talk to God from your heart:

Here’s a Suggested Prayer:

“Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and I do not deserve eternal life. But, I believe You died and rose from the grave to make me a new creation and to prepare me to dwell in your presence forever. Jesus, come into my life, take control of my life, forgive my sins and save me. I am now placing my trust in You alone for my salvation and I accept your free gift of eternal life.”

If you have trusted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please let us know. We want to rejoice in what God has done in your life and help you to grow spiritually.

If you have questions or concerns you would like help with, please call or write and let us know. We’re here to help you understand the love that Jesus is offering you for free, no matter who or where you are. E-mail us at, Hello @BU 07033128658 WhatsApp, call 0-815-JESUS98 (0-815-415-5698), send message www.facebook/BiblicalUniversityHome, www.instagram@biblicaluniversity or visit our website for directions to office


Graduation is an important academic tradition. Biblical University takes this opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge your achievements publicly. Guests, especially relatives and friends, are warmly invited to share this celebration with you.

Academic Transcripts
An Academic Transcript is an official record of your academic history at BU. It details all unit attempts and your grade for each unit. If you were enrolled in more than one course, it lists all courses and all units studied at BU.

All students receive a transcript for a charge when they complete their course. Your transcript confirms your progress (if requesting transcript prior to course completion) or your final qualification (when complete). You can use it to:
*Apply for jobs
*Support applications for scholarships or further study
*Register with government or private bodies

Academic Transcripts include the following information:
Student name and ID number
Date of issue
Course and unit titles
Year of study and teaching period
Credit points
Marks and grades
Exemptions or credits
Grade point averages (GPA)

Academic Gown & FAQ
Gown and collection.
All graduands must wear full academic gown for their ceremony. Gowns should be collected on the day of ceremony.

What should I wear?
Graduands are expected to dress smartly. Those dressed inappropriately may not be admitted to the ceremony.

What should my guests wear?
Graduation ceremonies are formal events and guests normally dress in a manner appropriate to a formal occasion such as a wedding.

Do I have to wear academic gown?
Yes. You will not be allowed to join the ceremony unless wearing full academic gown.

What does my gown and hood look like?
The colour of your gown and hood will depend upon the degree you have been awarded. Generally Royal Blue, Blue Black and touch of Gold but the style may be different.

What if my circumstances change but I have already paid for my gown?
Students who will not be present at the ceremony to wear their gowns should inform the General Secretary (Pastor Mrs Esther Effiong +2348168748761) at least seven days before the date of the ceremony to obtain a full refund.



1 Thesis must be submitted by the graduating student, with relevant payments, by no later than six weeks prior to the graduation ceremony for inclusion in the graduation programme.

2 Each graduating student is required to present one of the following to the college:
i. Laptop
ii. Generator
iii. Rechargeable Fan
iv. School Bus
v. Television
vi. Photocopier
vii. DVD Player
viii. 1 Acre of Land
ix. Cash Donations
x. Office Chairs
xi. Projector
xii. Internet Facility
xiii. UPS
xiv. Stab
xv. Printer
xvi. etc

3 Graduands must arrive no later than two hours prior to the commencement time of the ceremony.

4 Graduands are to gather in the vestry for one hour prayer session and interaction and exchange of pleasantries, and will be advised to dress for the occasion.

5 Graduands are to follow college processional order. The academic procession will enter the hall as follows:
i. The Graduands
ii. The Volunteers, Representatives/Coordinators
iii. Members of staff of the
iv. The Guest Speaker/Guest of Honor
v The First VC
vi. The Chancellor

6 The Graduands are to take their seat after the Chancellor is seated

7 Graduands are to be seated on the stage left part of the hall

8 Once all graduands are seated, they will not be allowed to leave their seats until the closing prayer is said.

9 Certificates and glass awards of international standards are normally provided to the graduands at that ceremony.

10 Graduates who defer, or graduates in absentia, will be sent their documentation at the end of the relevant graduation period to the postal address recorded in the student system.

11 Chancellor who is the principal authority hosts and confers the awards

12 Photography session will be conducted immediately after the ceremony.


The graduands will walk on stage, and stand facing the Chancellor.

The graduands approach the Chancellor and greet with head bow.

The Chancellor will confer awards with hand shake.

Professional photograph will be taken.

The graduates will exit the stage and then resume their seat.

Graduates who are to be awarded double degrees will be presented once only.

What Next?
Students may join the Alumnus/Alumna Association and continue their relationship with the school.

For inclusion in the association, please submit your name and active WhatsApp number to: Global Alumni Ambassador, Evangelist Dr Oyediji Titilayo Adebola GAA, Whatsapp number 0807 793 0964

Order Your Student ID Card

Your student ID card available for printing!

If you are a new student you can order your student ID card online the day after you accept your offer to study at Biblical University.

If you are a distance education student, please contact us to order your card.

Lost, stolen and expired cards:
If your card has been lost or stolen, email: with your full name and student ID number to cancel the card. You can then order a replacement.

More information
Visit or contact us +2347063751540

Important Notice to Students About Graduation

From the Office of the Chancellor

We want to remind you of the graduation fees/thesis. You will need to pay for these fees and submit your completed thesis in order to graduate. It is important that you do so before or on the 30th of April, three months prior to Convocation ceremony.

For information about these fees, please visit

For guideline about thesis and submission, please visit

GRADUATION FEES - All academic awardees
Documentation: 13,000NGN(60USD)
Graduation: 26,000NGN(120USD)
Academic Gown: 5,000NGN(25USD)
Project Review: 5,000NGN(25USD)

TOTAL: 49,000NGN

GRADUATION FEES - All honorary awardees
Programme: 68,000NGN(340USD)
Documentation: 13,000NGN(60USD)
Graduation: 26,000NGN(120USD)
Academic Gown: 5,000NGN(25USD)

TOTAL: 112,000NGN

ORDINATION AND LICENSING FEES - Contact the University Office


After you have paid you will be able to have access to other information and a few things you will need to complete in preparation for your graduation.

Also, each graduating student is required to present one of the following to the college:
i. Laptop
ii. Generator
iii. Rechargeable Fan
iv. School Bus
v. Television
vi. Photocopier
vii. DVD Player
viii. 1 Acre of Land
ix. Cash Donations
x. Office Chairs
xi. Projector
xii. Internet Facility
xiii. UPS
xiv. Stab
xv. Printer
xvi. etc

Again, do all that is required. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us

I look forward to seeing you on graduation day.

Dr Emmanuel Kolawole, PhD

Genocide killer turned 'prophet' led thousands of Rwandan prisoners to Christ and repentance

Prisoners prepare for manual labor in the fields of the Southern Province of Rwanda. THE CHRISTIAN POST
SOUTHERN PROVINCE, Rwanda — Callixte Karemangingo was among the thousands of Rwandans incited by extremist propaganda and nefarious leaders in government to carry out one of the worst atrocities the world has ever seen.
But that was before he became a Christian and realized he had spiritual gifts.
During the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, Tutsis looking to keep their lives were told to go to certain locations where they believed they would be safe.
As countless Tutsis gathered at these locations (in many cases churches or places of worship), many of them turned out to be slaughter traps.
Despite being a predominantly Christian nation, over 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed in the span of three months, from April to July 1994, by enraged Hutus and military forces. Neighbors killed neighbors and Christians killed Christians.
Callixte, a Hutu cattle farmer living in the Nyamagabe district, was among the Hutus who led his Tutsi neighbors to a "safe" place in their community despite knowing that was the place where they'd be executed.
Callixte Karemangingo speaks with reporters in the Nyamagabe district of Rwanda's Southern Province in February 2019. THE CHRISTIAN POST
Some of them were people he considered friends. But those relationships didn't stop him from leading them to certain death.
Why? Because there was hatred in his heart that was inspired by toxic extremism and government propaganda that led Callixte and tens of thousands of others to believe that Tutsis were the enemy of the Rwandan state.
But after the genocide ended and the rise of a new government, Callixte was sent to jail in May 1995. He was there along with thousands of other genocide perpetrators and even Hutus who had nothing to do with those crimes against humanity.
Spending five years in prison, Callixte eventually began a personal relationship with Christ.
"[I repented] on Feb. 8, 2000. That is when I had my revelation," Callixte told reporters who visited him, his wife, and their friends while on a trip with the humanitarian agency World Vision. "I had a voice telling me that the air is going to blow but the one who has repented of his sins from the bottom of his heart, that air will do nothing to him."
It was at that point that Callixte took his relationship with Christ to a new level. He was preached to and started reading the Bible on a consistent basis.
"That is when I started repenting of my sins, each and every sin. I mainly focused on the sin of participating in genocide," he said through a translator in his native tongue of Kinyarwanda.
"I was thinking about the Rwandans who were blamed for their tribe when they were not the ones guilty themselves. When I would think about it, I would just bust out and start crying."
Inspired by the word of God and the teachings of reconciliation and unity promoted by the Rwandan Patriotic Front, which rose to power following the genocide and end of the Rwandan Civil War, Callixte said he made the decision to live a godly life.
He said he knew that he should listen to the "good leadership" that rose to power in his country instead of the "bad leadership" that enabled the genocide to occur.

Songs of peace and reconciliation

As a musician, Callixte's change of heart inspired him to compose songs centered around love, unity, peace and reconciliation. He said he could prophesize through music.
"Those songs actually touched people's lives, mostly the prisoners, and they started to change their ways," he said. "When I started composing those songs, they started moving me [to different places] in other districts to sing those songs. I even went to the city to sing those songs."
Callixte also said he began preaching inside the overcrowded prison.
"I became a teacher of the community court within the prison. I could teach them about living with others," he explained. "I could always emphasize on the fact that God told me whoever asks for forgiveness, he would be forgiven."
At first, he said, his fellow prisoners were still influenced by the ideology that got them into prison and rejected his teachings. But eventually, he said, many prisoners started listening to him.
As a musician, Callixte got involved in different competitions where he sang songs and was even rewarded for it. Even though he was still a prisoner, he said the government allowed him to keep the money he earned from those competitions.
As he became a vocal leader among the prisoners, he said he helped lead at least 8,600 prisoners to repentance with many of them coming to know Christ.
"The number [8,600] is really small compared to the number of people that requested for forgiveness and were released because they told the truth," he said.
One of the main Bible passages Callixte would recite while preaching in the prisons was 1 Corinthians 1:1-30.
That passage calls for believers of Christ to be “perfectly united in mind and thought” — an idea that might have seemed far-fetched considering the ethnic tension that had existed in the country for at the time. 
Callixte's request for fellow prisoners to repent of their sins was aided by the fact that the Rwandan government had launched an initiative allowing perpetrators to seek forgiveness through local community "Gacaca" courts. 
The Gacaca initiative presented not only the opportunity for perpetrators to seek forgiveness of their crimes from their victims but also for community members to decide what a perpetrator's punishment should be.
This initiative was launched as there were too many cases for the nation's judiciary system to handle in a timely manner.
"Many people came to know Christ and confess their sins. I was preaching on two things: the Gacaca government directive and the word of God," Callixte recalled.  "So for me, asking for forgiveness was not that difficult."

An old friend turned bitter enemy

Callixte Karemangingo (L) and Andrew Birasa (R) | WORLD VISION
In the immediate years after the genocide, Callixte, his wife, Marcella, and their children had a deep resentment for their neighbors Andrew Birasa, his wife, Madrine, and their children.
Andrew, a Hutu coffee farmer who had known Callixte since they were young, was the person who implicated Callixte for his genocidal crimes, which created resentment between the two families. 
Andrew was good friends with Callixte when they were growing up. There was peace and harmony in the village until the ethnic tension came to a head in the 1990s. The division between Andrew and Callixte came over the fact that Andrew had married Madrine, a Tutsi.
During the genocide, Hutus who married Tutsis were also seen as enemies and were considered "Tutsi lovers."
In 1994, Callixte was part of a large group of genocide perpetrators in their community responsible for the death of Madrine's parents and other family members.
While Callixte was in prison, the two wives would not speak to each other, their kids would not play with each other and their livestock could not dare go onto each other's lands.
But that all changed thanks to the evangelical Christian humanitarian agency World Vision Rwanda, which provided relief and reconciliation efforts throughout the country and in their community. Starting their programs in 1994, World Vision today is the largest Humanitarian agency present in the tiny, landlocked central African nation.
The two wives began volunteering for World Vision and the charity encouraged the families to forgive and be forgiven.
As the genocide was one in which neighbors trespassed against neighbors, World Vision and the Rwandan government knew that forgiveness and reconciliation would be central components in building a united Rwanda. Without those components, that resentment that neighbors on different sides of the genocide had would hamper any recovery efforts.
In prison, Callixte heard about the work that his wife and Andrew's wife were doing together through World Vision and started learning about peace and reconciliation.
Callixte was taken to the Gacaca court. He confessed of his sin and asked for forgiveness from Andrew and his wife. He also asked for forgiveness from all Rwandans.
"They forgave me, but mostly Andrew and his wife," he explained. "They forgave me and they took me out of prison and they pardoned me."
Andrew told reporters that although it was tough to forgive a man that killed his wife’s family, his family’s heart started changing “slowly by slowly.”
“Together with our good leadership and their advice to citizens, all that helped us to be transformed and live with each other," Andrew explained. "Those training sessions at the Gacaca court made it possible for communities to come together and discuss those who had come to seek forgiveness and those who had been offended."
“Today, we are good friends and our wives are good friends," he added.  "Our children are good friends and there is a lot of love between the two families.”

Working together

Andrew Birasa looks after a cow at his home in the Southern Province of Rwanda in February 2019. THE CHRISTIAN POST
Having reconciled, Andrew and Callixte were able to discuss their feelings about what happened. Before going to prison, Callixte was quite good at making money by selling cattle.
To help make amends for his crimes, Callixte taught Andrew how to sell cattle.
"Now he does it even better than me," Callixte quipped. "We worked together in a way that is very good. What makes me happy is that my wife and his wife are so close. They share one heart."
Andrew also told Callixte about how World Vision enacted a program to hand out iron sheets to help provide homes with sturdy roofing. World Vision was also able to help Callixte build his house.
Additionally, Callixte and Andrew began working together when World Vision launched a project in which neighbors would have to combine plots to create bigger farms to grow coffee plants.
Through the program, groups of genocide perpetrators and survivors were given cows to create milk and fertilizer. The fertilizer would be used to grow coffee plants.
Andrew and Callixte were part of the same group responsible for harvesting the same coffee plants, forcing them to talk through the pain of what occurred years prior.

Two families become one

Callixte Karemangingo (middle right) and his wife, Marcella (left), pose for a photo with Andrew Birasa (right) and his wife, Madrine (middle left) at Birasa's home in the Nyamagabe district in Rwanda's Southern Province in February 2019. THE CHRISTIAN POST
Andrew and Callixte's children saw the change in their parents’ relationships and also grew closer to one another.
Callixte's first-born son, Mizero Jean d'Amour (now 23), and Andrew's third-born, Chantal Irabaruta (now 22), grew insuperable.
As they went to school together, they would always try to sit next to each other in class.
"One would always be next to the other," Callixte explained. "They are so close that their love surpasses any love between a man and a woman."
Speaking with reporters in Andrew's home, the two couples were happy to announce that their children are planning to get married after they finish with college.
"For us, we are very happy with the fact that we both live together well as families and that people have come from far and wide to see us.
This meant that the two couples that used to be bitter enemies will one day become in-laws.
"As a family we support their plans and we would like to invite all of you to the wedding," Andrew told reporters. "We keep saying that it is God who did this. With [just] human strength, this would not have been possible at all."

Callixte's prophecy

Because of their story, World Vision invited both Andrew and Callixte a few years ago to travel to Chicago to share their experiences. They were both excited for the opportunity.
World Vision paid for Andrew and Callixte to stay in a hotel in the capital city of Kigali prior to their flight. But in Kigali, Callixte said he got a vision from the Holy Spirit telling him that he would not be able to go on the trip to Chicago.
He told Andrew about the vision and Andrew was not happy because he thought that meant that he would not be able to go as well. But Callixte assured Andrew that he would indeed go on the trip.
"When I kept praying, God would tell me that I am not going to go," Callixte explained.  "We kept on praying while at the hotel to see if God was OK with us going. When he got his Visa and I didn't get mine ... I was at peace because God told me that I wouldn't get to go."
Callixte additionally told Andrew that he bring a gift back for him. That is exactly what happened, the men say.
Andrew went on the trip and received two gifts. Andrew himself received a synthesizer. He was also given a new guitar to bring back to Callixte. The new guitar was much better than the one that Callixte had already owned.
"It helped Callixte improve and work on his music career," Andrew said.  "He is [now] invited to different places to play the guitar."
According to Callixte, many Rwandans believe that Christians musicians may also be prophets.
"I have both of those gifts. God gave me discernment,” Callixte said.  “I am sometimes able to see something before they occur. Sometimes I can do that for others as well and tell you about your prophecy."
Andrew told the journalists that he ended up giving the synthesizer to the local church in their village. He added that the synthesizer helped the church to grow.
"People became more and more interested with a musical instrument and even more people get saved," Andrew said.
The two families became a model for reconciliation and others wanted to learn from them and hear their story. 
"For us, we are very happy the fact that we both live together well as families and that people have come from far and wide to see us," Madrine, a mother to seven children, said.