Helping others

"Helping others should be natural for every person living in a cultured society" Prof. Emmanuel Kolawole #ProfEmmanuelKolawole @BiblicalUniversity @BiblicalUniversityHome

One of the easiest ways to help others is to simply share your knowledge. 

Every day there is an opportunity to educate someone about your area of expertise.

The number one rule of helping people should be to find out what’s actually valuable to someone. Some people may be a waste of your precious time if you don't keep the rule in mind. You may spend time and effort helping them with something that they don't even want help with. Make an effort to ask them where they need help, try your best and move on

Helping others isn’t always easy. It can sometimes derail your schedule and cost you time, money and other resources. It can even be interpreted the wrong way. However, keep in mind they truly matter to you.

Note: Helping others succeed can be your greatest success.

PS: There are a variety of ways to help others. You can also recognize someone. An easy way to recognize someone is to nominate them for an award at Biblical University. It will mean a lot to the nominee that you thought of them and wanted to recognize them. Honors and Awards at Biblical University include, Honorary PhD degree, Honorary MA degree, Men in Leadership Award and Women in Leadership Award.

How may we be of HELP?

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