Start a Ministry Training School.

Start a Ministry Training School.
Set up an incredible training in your Church | By LIMM Training School, an Affiliate of Biblical University

The underlying heartbeat of this training is to help build churches and build people. Raise leaders, build teams, set cultures, develop interns and increase the theological knowledge and bible literacy in Church community.

Delivery Systems
Deliver the course in a group, sessions, or classes. There are plenty of ways to make this work for you, we recommend chatting to us.

* LIMM Training School will provide you a list of all books and resources for training.
* LIMM Training School will be responsible for conferring diplomas and all other official documents on successful candidates.

> Certificate in Evangelism & Mission Studies

Admission Requirements
Applicants should be at least 18 years of age and have graduated from secondary school or hold a high school equivalency certificate.

Duration (The total number of months in the College's academic year is 6 months)
Certificate - 1 year

> Diploma in Biblical and Pastoral Studies
> Diploma in Christian Education and Discipleship Studies

Admission Requirements
Applicants with a LIMM Training School certificate or an equivalent qualification.

Duration (The total number of months in the College's academic year is 6 months)
Diploma - 1 year

Our study programmes (certificate programme and our diploma programmes are accredited by the Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools - ACHETS Incorporated)

LIMM provides students an affordable pathway to earning an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Biblical University, ACHETS Missionary University, or from a choice of respected seminaries in Nigeria and internationally.

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