How to Start a Bible College by Biblical University

Creating a Bible College in your local church has many advantages. You can attract new people to your church, train church leaders, and educate your members. If you are a pastor considering how to start a Bible College in your own church, Biblical University may be able to help.

You can…

Attract new people to your church
Train church leaders
Educate your members
Refresh your own Bible education
Increase awareness of your church
And much more

Starting your own Bible college by yourself, isn’t easy. There are many barriers, pastors run into when they try to create their own Bible institute in their local church, including:

Creating a new curriculum.
Finding enough staff to maintain the school.
Getting affiliation and accreditation.

If you are a pastor considering how to start a Bible College in your own church, Biblical University may be able to help. By becoming an affiliate partner, you can start your own Bible college in your local church.

How To Start A Bible College With BU?

Starting a Bible school with BU begins with determining the level of interest in your local church. To be an affiliate of BU you will need at least 5 interested students. Submit "Membership Application and Institutional Profile" along with the $100/#20,000 application fee(one time fee) and $50/#10,000 annual membership fee to be eligible for affiliation with Biblical University, membership and accreditation with Accreditation Commission for Education in Theology. Download membership application

Your will utilize our online programme giving you access to our curricular materials, including library. You simply provide a facilitator for the course to foster discussion and give additional assistance to the students.

If you are ready to start your Bible college as an affiliate of BU, we will arrange a site visit to assess the suitability of your facilities. Maintaining the integrity of the school is important to both BU and the affiliate. You are allowed to give any name to your school and simply adding that you are an affiliate of Biblical University, accredited by Accreditation Commission for Education in Theology.

Keep Your Leaders At Your Church

Another benefit of becoming an affiliate of BU is that the students, after graduation from your school could still continue their studies online with BU.

Real Degrees

Typically, the affiliates (starters) run a 2 year programme and at the end of the 2 years, your students will receive a Diploma. Students who have credits to transfer may be eligible for a Bachelor's degree. Also, all students are able to continue with Biblical University, if they wish, with the online programme to get a Bachelor's, Master's, or even Doctorate degree.